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we and our partner networks manage thousands of social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Stumbleupon and more!) for well-known companies. For obvious and legal reasons we cannot divulge who these companies are; however, as part of our management agreements, we maintain a % share of advertising rights used to reach these users everyday. We use this ad space for you, the advertiser.

Additionally, We have an exceptional SEO team with a great methodology to select the best Social Media networks based on the best optimized keywords.

This methodology has allow us to create hundreds of Search-Optimized Keyword Categories ready for your picking. Just select the one that applies best to your offer, blog, affiliate link, online store, etc. and let your campaign run.

99% of our customers find a matching Search-Optimized Keyword Category for their marketing campaign.

Also, another aspect to keep in mind, specially for those of you running adsense sites, is that any visitors that come through our networks to your sites are adsense safe. Our networks are 100% compliant with google TOS.

You can track this traffic with Google Analytics, Statcounter, Goo.gl

Sites not allow: No adult sites, No sites involved in illegal activities.

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